limbo podcast

limbo podcast is an intersectional collection of conversations celebrating being in between - frank, witty, and soulful perspectives on life's big and small changes as they're happening. an optimistic, but honest, pause and reflection while the end is still unwritten. going beyond the before and after and into the DURING.

we will talk about purpose, creativity, discovery, love, family, money, abundance, spirituality - and how our relationships to it all are evolving. Stories will be serious, not serious, messy, beautiful, silly, real. Success or a completed hero's journey is not a prerequisite.

alex hollander is a creator whose purpose is to help people feel seen, heard and inspired through storytelling. she recently left a job running innovation communications at Instagram and Facebook after nearly eight years and is now helping companies created by and for underrepresented groups through brand and messaging development, content marketing, media strategy, community building, and writing. she is currently in NYC where she writes, cooks, goes to therapy, and hangs out with her friends and dog @mopuppymoproblems.